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The Discovery

IJB Photography would like to introduce the first work of 2015,

“The Discovery”.

Creating “The Discovery” was a fun and interesting process. At the heart of the project, my goal was to create a work that encompassed some sort of emotion. No matter what project I am shooting, I always create goals that I can learn from. By doing so, it helps me push my boundaries and knowledge so I can grow as an artist.

While creating the “emotion” project, I went through an interesting creative phase. I discovered something about my process, a hot relaxing shower opens up my creative receptors. It took three totally different shot concepts before I arrived at the final product. One of those concepts was shot and scrapped as I didn’t love it as much as I thought. In between each of those ideas I had had a relaxing shower and came up with the next concept. On reflection I realized my “ah-hah” moment, a hot shower can boost my creative process.

Last year I had created a lecture on my creative process for the Brampton Photo Group. In that lecture I talked about “5 Ways To Be More Creative”. Two of the steps were to cut distractions and just let your mind wander. Hence why the shower seems to be my creative solace.

While introducing a new work I like to give a little synopsis about what I feel the work is about. This time around, I want to let the work stand on its own. I feel it is likely that every viewer will see a different story.

 Discovery is a wonderful thing, “open” yourself up and discover today!

The Discovery

 “The Discovery”

© 2015  IJB Photography

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