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Exposing the Shadows

It is my great pleasure to finally announce the BIG NEWS

Are you ready for it…

IJB Photography is pleased to present Exposing the Shadows, a solo exhibition of works by Ivan-James Blecker.

In the exhibition, Blecker presents a series of fine art photographs that explore the different ways shadows can be represented. Be it metaphorically, physically or mentally themed, each photograph brings you into a darker realm that you rarely explore in your daily life.

You are cordially invited to “Exposing the Shadows”.

1 Theater Lane
Brampton, ON
L6V 0A3


OCTOBER 1st – OCTOBER 29 2014

Mon-Sat: 10AM-6PM
Sunday: CLOSED
The Rose Theater Gallery is also open during all events.








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Once Upon A Nightmare

Once Upon A Nightmare


I would like to introduce a new work called “Once Upon a Nightmare

This photo was inspired by a real dream I had. It was so vivid I managed to remember large parts of it. I rarely remember my dreams.

It left such an impression on me that I was forced to get it shot and sent out to share.

Anyone else have a similar experience and shoot it?




Thanks for checking out Once Upon A Nightmare .

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