The Vigilante (Re-visioned)


Life has been a little hectic lately. Unfortunately, this means not many projects have been started. The ideas have not stopped though. I have mounds and mounds of sketches, titles and thoughts down on paper.

Time seems to be the thorn in my side. Hopefully I can clear some up some time soon, so I can get some images out of me head!

In the mean time I have been playing around with some new techniques for fun.

Here is The Vigilante (Re-visioned) the result of playing around with an old image with a new technique.


I would like to thank you for viewing my work.

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Light of My Life

Sometimes in life we take for granted the things we cherish most in our world. We let our selfish motives blind us to the gratitude we should be showering over the people we love.

“Light of My Life”, is a concept based around that gratitude. Plainly put, this work is a testament of love.

I would not be where I am on my photography journey if it were not for my fiance. She is the driving force behind where I am. She will remain that driving force until the day my shutter clicks its last beat.

My Fiance has sat hours upon hours as my model while I learn my craft. She has had liquid latex poured on her face, paraffin wax dripped on her face, a leaf blower blowing in her face. She has gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes while assisting me shoot “Once Upon A Nightmare“.

I can safely say, my fiance has literally given blood for my art.

For this and the billion other reasons, she IS the light in my life.





Other places to find my work:

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