Ivan-James Blecker


The Discovery

Ivan-James Blecker is a fine art photographer based in Brampton, Ontario. As a child his interest in photography peeked while “helping” his dad develop film in the darkroom. His passion for the craft really spurred to life 12 years ago while admiring a moose photograph at a local exhibit. Being a cheapskate, he thought, “Hey I can do that!” Several thousand dollars later, he is still trying to do “THAT!”

He has always had an interest in the Arts, dabbling in different mediums including water colors, oil paint, T-shirt design and air brush. Never finding his niche’ that set his soul ablaze, until Photography called out to him. Ever since, his “OCD” will not let him stop learning and growing.

Ivan’s current projects have been based around dramatic lighting and storytelling. He is working on creating a style of his own.

Ivan has been a member of the Brampton Photo Group since 2010.

He has conceived, created and presented the following seminars to the club:

Critiquing the Masters

From Concept to Image

Lightroom 5 – The Overview

One Light Portrait – So I bought a Flash Now What?

Colour Theory – Tools for the Photographer

The Power of Dodge and Burn

Self Publishing : The Blurb Way


He will be presenting “From Concept to Image” to other photography clubs within the GTA.


Other places to find Ivan: